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New Orleans Addiction Treatment

Addiction is defined as a chronic brain disease that causes compulsive behavior. Changes in the brain can occur due to substance use. Most people begin an addiction after they start using substances for recreational use or to get a break from emotional or physical pain. Although the initial decision to use drugs or alcohol is voluntary, it can be difficult to make decisions or maintain normal behavior over time. When you want to begin the drug addiction recovery process, there are a few different kinds of addiction treatment in New Orleans to consider.


Overview of addiction treatment

Several options are available if you’re looking for drug rehab in New Orleans. Different people will benefit from different substance addiction recovery programs depending on their history of substance use and their lifestyle.

Inpatient drug abuse treatment programs are one of the most useful options, and they are ideal for those who have relapsed and who had failed attempts at recovery. Outpatient programs are also offered if you have a minor addiction and a short history of substance use.

Professionals are trained and experienced in creating an individual drug rehabilitation treatment plan once you’re in their care. No single treatment is right for everyone.

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Inpatient substance abuse treatment

Inpatient drug rehab is ideal if you want to focus on your recovery full time for a minimum of a month.

You’ll be required to live in the facility and participate in activities that include group therapy, individual behavioral therapy and personal time where you can journal or exercise. Family members are often permitted to visit the inpatient facility to participate in therapy sessions where you can work on your relationships and obtain their support for recovery.

The first stage of inpatient addiction treatment in New Orleans is the drug detox process. A medical staff is available to monitor your health by checking your temperature and heart rate each day. Although you may have the option to detox at home, you’ll be at a greater risk without the supervision and care of professionals. You can also obtain medications that suppress the withdrawal symptoms in inpatient facilities, which are provided to 80 percent of patients. The detox process takes one to two weeks to complete depending on the severity of the addiction.

You’ll obtain tools and resources to remain clean and avoid a relapse. Typically, you will be expected to participate in group therapy sessions to learn how to recognize and avoid your triggers. Behavioral therapy can make it easier to practice healthy lifestyle skills and modify your attitude toward drug or alcohol use. You may also receive medications while undergoing therapy.


Outpatient addiction treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment is an option if you cannot take time off of work or school or you have children in your care. This form of treatment will allow you to maintain a presence in the home. You’ll be expected to attend therapy and seminars throughout the week to begin the recovery process.

Outpatient drug rehab can benefit you if you have a milder addiction and you have a schedule that works with your previous commitments. There are different levels of intensity of outpatient care where a network of support is available. Intensive outpatient programs, day programs and continuing care are the most common types of outpatient rehab.

After completing outpatient rehab, you can be recommended to a local support group to maintain your sobriety and form relationships with other people who have similar addictions. This allows you to form a lasting support group.

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Sober living homes

Sober living homes are facilities where you can transition into after completing drug and alcohol inpatient treatment in New Orleans. The homes will make it easier to learn how to live on your own while still receiving specialized care from a professional staff. You’ll need to follow strict guidelines to live in the facility, but you’ll have freedom with your daily activities and schedule. Curfews are set by the staff each day, and you’ll also need to undergo routine drug testing.

Sober living homes can reduce the risk of relapse by lengthening the treatment that is provided to residents. Longer time frames of treatment and care will reduce the risk of returning to substance use. You’ll stay in the facility for at least a month, depending on when you’re ready to leave and the progress that you make. The sober living home will help you find a job and a new place to live to ensure that you’re prepared for a daily routine while maintaining your sobriety. Follow-up care is essential to giving you more confidence to live on your own with the help of support groups that you can attend.


Is addiction treatment the answer?

Addiction treatment in New Orleans can benefit those who have an increasing reliance on drugs or alcohol. You may have poor work performance or low grades in school due to the substance use. It can be easier to have more of a dependency on the drugs or alcohol and have more tolerance that develops. You may find yourself draining your bank account or beginning to steal in an attempt to purchase more drugs or alcohol.

You can prepare for an inpatient drug or alcohol treatment program by paying your bills ahead of time and packing the essentials. You’ll need to request approval for a leave of absence from your employer before enrolling in inpatient care. Many insurance companies cover the cost of substance abuse recovery programs, making it necessary to submit the information ahead of time.

Family members and pets that you’re responsible for will need full-time care while you’re away.

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